Munich police trusts VocCom Audio technology

Loudspeaker Vehicle Police Munich

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In close cooperation with the Munich Police Headquarters and the Bus Modification Centre of the vehicle manufacturer
MAN Truck & Bus SE, PASS Medientechnik has realised a loudspeaker system based on the 360° point source AD-360-16.
In addition to its ease of integration, the loudspeaker system is particularly characterised by its natural voice reproduction even at the highest sound levels.
The requirements for ease of use in combination with comprehensive features are met by theQR-360 central DSP-based mixing and control unit with remote control panel.

Through direct access to the input and output levels via sliders, the selection of the 4 output zones of the loudspeaker via toggle switches and pre-listening via an integrated loudspeaker, even non-professionals can quickly find their way around.

More in-depth controls (e.g. feedback suppressor, equaliser, compressor, etc.) and displays are realised via an integrated 10″ touch display.

In addition, the MAN TGE 3.180 4×4 is equipped with a PR-920 protocol recorder for evidential documentation, with which it is possible to record all transmitted contents automatically  and in encrypted form.

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