AHD on Boat

M-115X Ultra Compact Acoustic Hailing Device

The M-115X (Acoustic Device) Active High Output Emitter / Directional Loudspeaker Module has been designed for maximum speech intelligibility over long distances – it is capable of generating over 80 dB at target distances greater than 1000 m.
The system features internal integrated DSP controlled power amplification as well as control, level and safety functions including AP-Lock.
These high performance emitters are designed for mobile applications under the harshest weather conditions in military use. Marine and MIL certification for the system is available.

Housing material: Aluminium Dimensions (W × H × D):242 mm × 248 mm × 260 mmWeight:5,80 kgTemperature tolerance:- 30 deg C bis + 70 deg C (non condensing)White Paper:PDF-Download * Registration required

Model: M-115X
Version: Vehicle mountable
Frequency Range: ± 3 dB 250 Hz to 8 kHz
SPL Max: 139 dB SPL
SPL Peak: 148 dB SPL
Inputs: 1 (one)
Voltage: AC 110 Volts to 230 Volt or DC 12 Volts to 36 Volts
Surface treatment: RAL 1031

Audiobeam Angle 25° vertikal × 25° horizontal

Effective range
  0.016 m (Pain barrier + 122 dB)
  0.300 m (Communication with ∼ 95 dB)
  0.800 m (Communication with ∼ 85 dB)