Digital recording and logging recorder of the 900 series. The PR-920 is an extremely compact 1 U ½ 19″ standard construction format extremely compact manufactured audio recorder with an SD card archiving medium. The system records automatically, and recordings can be played back directly. Furthermore, the VOCCOM-RCV recording format used by the PR 920 an tamper-proof encryption. Therefore, it is suitable for police operations and thus operations that can be used in court.

– government applications
– Voice announcements in disaster control
– Radio traffic recordings
– Documentation of operational scenarios
– Voice documentation on mobile and stationary systems.

Model: PR 920
Chanels: 1 chanel mono
frequency range: ±  50 Hz to 15 kHz
Voice control: VOX
Recording format: VOCCOM-RCV
Storage medium: - up to 32 SD-Card
Voltage: 10 – 30V DC or power supply 115/230V AC
dimensions: WxDxH 215 x 190 x 45 mm
Weight: 0,95 kg
Temperature range: - -20° C bis + 60° C (non condensing)
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