Loudspeaker Vehicle Protocolrecorder

PR-920 Digital Protocol Recorder

Digital recording and logging recorder of the 900 series. The PR-920 is an extremely compact 1 U ½ 19″ standard construction format extremely compact manufactured audio recorder with an SD card archiving medium.

The system can record automatically (signal or switch) or manual, and recordings can be played back directly. Furthermore, the VocCom-RCV recording format used by the PR 920 an tamper-proof encryption. Therefore, it is suitable for police operations and thus operations that can be used in court.


– government applications
– Voice announcements in disaster control
– Radio traffic recordings
– Documentation of operational scenarios
– Voice documentation on mobile and stationary systems.
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Model: PR 920
Chanels: 1 chanel mono
frequency range: ±  50 Hz to 15 kHz
Voice control: VOX
Recording format: VOCCOM-RCV
Storage medium: - up to 32 GB SD-Card
Voltage: 10 – 30V DC or power supply 115/230V AC
dimensions: WxDxH 215 x 190 x 45 mm
Weight: 0,95 kg
Temperature range: - -20° C bis + 60° C (non condensing)