loudspeaker M-215X for water cannon

Water cannon loudspeaker

„Long range communication“ for Water cannon vehicles

Civil unrest and disasters are situations where it is imperative to reach people , often over considerable distances and often over high background noise levels, to issue potentially life saving instructions or warnings.

Hand-held megaphones are only of limited use in most such situations. The intelligibility of announcements is poor and the reach of the sound, particularly where there is a high level of ambient sound, is hard to separate from the general noise.

What police and emergency services are coming to rely on increasingly are very high powered , highly intelligible sound systems that “cut through” ambient noise, and are effective over long distances.

PASS Medientechnik have a number of options in their range to satisfy these requirements. Furthermore these solutions can be be either in fixed positions (eg around open areas traditionally used for demonstrations and large gatherings) or mounted on vehicles that can be deployed wherever there is a need.

A typical example is a VocCom M-215X sound system mounted on a water cannon

  • 25 degree coverage high powered sound system for police and emergency vehicles
  • Better intelligibility thanks to new driver technology
  • Greater penetrating range (152dBA/1m sound pressure level)
  • (92dB at 1kM )

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