HM-5006 splash proof megaphone

The HM-5006 is a professional, high-performance handheld megaphone with splash-proof IPX4 protection in a robust plastic housing with integrated handle.

Powerful loudspeaker with 20 Watt integrated amplifier/pressure chamber horn combination with a sound pressure of 113 dB. High wearing comfort by pistol handle with shoulder strap loop.

Integrated battery carrier for AA-Mignon cells. Built-in alarm signal. All functions can be operated with one hand. Weight ≥ 1,00 kg. Designed for acoustic irradiation Voice signals: 350 meters – Alarm signals: 500 meters

Product: HM-5006
Output power: 20 Watt max.
SPL: 113 db @ 1 m
Transmission range: 400 Hz to 5 kHz
Acoustic irradiation quantity Speech signals: 350 Meters
Acoustic irradiation quantity Alarm signals: 500 Meters
Switch for signal: Alarmsignal ∼ 400 Hz ∼ 800 Hz
Protection class according to IEC60529: IP43 (IPX4) EU-RoHS compatible
Temperature resistance: - 15° C to + 60° C
Mikrophone: included
Battery: 6 AA-batteries (IEC-Größe R6)
charger optional: 6 AA-Lithium-Ionen-batteries (IEC-size R6)
Battery life: normal operation approx. 8 hours
dimensions (H × T): Horn ∅ 210 mm × 325 mm
Weight: 1,00 kg ohne Batterien
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