Rucksacklautsprecher LSA-X-MK1 Soldat im EInsatz

LSA-X-MK2 Back pack Loudspeaker

The VocCom Audio LSA-X-MK2 is the further development of our well-proven, battery-powered high-performance loudspeaker system with exceptionally clear speech intelligibility and extremely long-range transmission characteristics.

Weighing only 7.2 kg, the backpack loudspeaker is currently one of the most powerful battery-powered megaphones in its class on the world market.

The safety concept of the further developed AP-LOCK system is unique worldwide. The three-stage AP-LOCK system provides efficient protection against incorrect operation of the high-performance loudspeaker, so that no damage to health can occur during start-up or operation due to excessive volume.

In the MK2 version, the AP-LOCK system can be controlled remotely via the MP-900MK2 remote control console. This further increases the safety of the user, as the high power level can only be activated when you are away from the speaker.

To avoid feedback, an ad-hoc recorder is integrated into the backpack speaker. This can be operated and recorded directly from the ML-525R microphone or ML-536 microphone. It is used to record and play back recordings directly from the microphone.

By using highly efficient precision loudspeakers, in combination with the latest DSP amplifier and lithium-ion batteries, outstanding performance is achieved in the smallest dimensions. This technology has increased the acoustic performance by 4 dB compared to the MK1 version.

A replaceable MIL-standard Li-ion battery BB-2590 is used in the system. This can communicate and charge directly with the system via a built-in SMBus charger.
LSA-X-MK2 Back Pack Loudspeaker Control Panel
The system enables you to transmit speech in the best quality over distances of up to 800 metres and thus influence people through maximum effectiveness. The acoustic design of the patented system allows you to cascade the units. This doubles the acoustic power (+ 6 dB); which means twice the effective radius. Modern battery management ensures operating times of 6 to 24 hours and standby times of up to 120 hours (depending on battery type/see technical data).

The wireless system, which can be integrated into the optional compartment of the backpack speaker, enables a communication radius of the wireless microphone of up to 100 metres.

Optionally, and uniquely on the market, a protocol recorder can be integrated into the unit. This has a GPS receiver and records all transmitted announcements including volume, time and location information in encrypted form.
This information can be decoded via software and displayed on a map.

With the optionally available remote control, you can also control the situation from remote cover or on the move. Made of folded aluminium, the robust housing is designed for use by the military, police, fire brigade and disaster control organisations. Various adjustable inputs and outputs enable the connection of numerous accessories.

Use of the LSA-X-MK1

Product: LSA-X-MK2
Type: Mobile High-Power Loudspeaker
Frequency-Range: ± 6 dB 400 Hz bis 8 kHz
Max-SPL: 135 dB SPL
Max-Peak SPL: 142 dB SPL
Inputs: Microphone, Line, Remote, build-in Siren
Power: Changeable BB-2590 LiIon-Akku, integriertes Ladegerät
Coating: Black, powder-coating
Housing: Aluminium
Dimensions (B × H × T): 290 mm × 290 mm × 300 mm
Weight: 7,2 kg
Temperature Range: - 30° C bis + 70° C
IP rate: IP54 without rain cover
IP55 when using the rain cover
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Dispersion 40° vertikal × 60° horizontal

Wirkungsbereich · Effective range
  0.010 m (Pain barrier + 125 dB)
  0.250 m (Communication with ∼ 95 dB)
  0.500 m (Communication with ∼ 85 dB)