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DSP Audio rack unit QR-360-7

The RC-360-7 analog remote control console controls the QR-360-7 audio digital mixer.
The audio mixer system can be used with the functionality of a fully independent digital audio system. This applies to both use and ease of operation in pure VCA-controlled analog mode via the RC-360-7, as well as extended use with software support via a touch display as a combined analog-digital audio mixer.

The unit is integratable in vehicles due to its robust construction and DC 12-24V supply.

Due to the extended use as a digital mixer, a multitude of further setting options are available such as:
– Level meter
– feedback suppressor
– gate
– compressor
– Single channel gain
– Single channel EQ
– Master EQ
– Mute functions
– Limiter functions
– Master Delay
– Matrix Functions
– Advanced Monitor Functions Pre/Post
– and much more