Loudspeaker systems for fixed installations

Although originally developed for mobile use, VocCom Audio’s highly effective loudspeaker systems are also ideal for fixed installations.

Especially where there is little space, little energy or harsh environmental conditions, our systems have proven their worth.

The Acoustic Haling Devices of the M-x15 series are successfully used in perimeter protection for large industrial plants or leisure facilities such as arenas and football stadiums.

Due to their high efficiency, they place low demands on emergency power supplies despite covering large areas.

The weather-resistant construction in IP65 design with coating with C5 corrosion resistance recommends the systems even for installations in maritime areas.

Due to the fanless design of the power electronics, the systems are almost maintenance-free.

Integration into existing infrastructures is made possible by a wide range of optional control options (IP/UDP, CAN, RS485, RS232, NEMA) and audio transmission options (audio-over-IP protocols such as Audinate Dante, SIP, RTP, etc.). This allows the loudspeakers to be controlled by event technology, evacuation systems or even video management systems (e.g. direct integration in Milestone XProtect).

A variety of mounting options are available, ranging from swivel brackets and tube mounts to direct integration in pan-tilt-heads (PTZ Head) from our partner Silent Sentinel.

To support your planning, sample simulations of typical application scenarios and GLL loudspeaker data for Ease Focus, for example, are available.

Thanks to our in-house development team, we are able to quickly implement the necessary adjustments for your project.

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