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M-215 P passiv loudspeaker module

M-215P (IP65, marine water resistant – Acoustic Hailing Device) A high performance emitter / directional loudspeaker module developed for speech frequency propagation over long distances as part of the VOCcom range of sound systems. This passive speaker modular sound system can be configured for a variety of applications – over long distances (up to 1,400 m / 148dB). As a power source, use AP 450 with extensive integrated DSP functionality. For use in mobile applications, even in inclement weather conditions as well as in marine applications, using newly developed, patented transducers.

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Produkt: M-215 P Acoustic Hailing Device
Design: VOCcom-System Loudspeaker passive
Transmission range: ±10 dB 300 Hz to 8 kHz
± 3 dB 500 Hz to 7 kHz
SPL max: (1 m) 144 dB SPL @ 1 kHz
SPL peak: (1 m) 149 dB SPL
Surface: black or customized
Housing design: Aluminium and stainless steel
Dimensions: (W × H × D): 490 mm × 250 mm × 300 mm
Weight: 12,40 kg
Temperature resistance: -30° C to +70° C (non-condensing)
Wirkungsbereich · Effective range
  0.06 m (Pain barrier + 122 dB)
  0.250 m (Communication with ∼ 95 dB)
  0.800 m (Communication with ∼ 85 dB)