About the Company PASS-Medientechnik

PASS-Medientechnik GmbH develops and manufactures in their own facilities,
high performance mobile sound systems and accessories
which are marketed under the brand name “VocCom Audio”.

The firm’s founder produced his first loudspeaker system in 1971
with the aim of providing sound engineers with “better sound reproduction tools”.
This tenet is still the guiding principle of the organisation —
all our products are developed with our clients in direct response to,
and as solutions for, their issues and requirements.

In the 20 years since the founding of PASS-Medientechnik GmbH,
the firm has evolved from a “one-man band” into an internationally active audio manufacturer,
using innovative ideas and an ever increasing fund of “know how” to generate,
by means of painstaking and detailed precision engineering,
a broad and steadily growing range of products for the military and security markets.

VocCom Audio and PASS-Medientechnik products have been in constant use
by security and military personnel worldwide since 2000
throughout a wide range of mission critical operations.
Our innovative ideas being transformed into solution providing products
continue to be market leading internationally.

We are firmly committed to maintaining our core values
and determination to innovate as a part of our continuing product development
and proud to be still doing so as we approach our 20th year.