Mission Statement PASS-Medientechnik GmbH

To provide secure communication…

  • our team consists of highly motivated and qualified staff with many years of experience,
  • we provide great flexibility and highest quality workmanship,
  • we pride ourselves on being endorsed by satisfied clients,
  • we provide innovative and effective solutions,
  • we are a part of a network of in house and external specialists,
  • we have business procedures in place which optimise and advance risk and opportunities,
  • we aim to be a fair and reliable partner for clients, suppliers and employees as well as our peers within our marketplace,
  • we will regularly check on the quality and sustainability of our suppliers,
  • we will accomplish all this while maintaining respect for the environment ,
  • we will protect internal and external worker’s interests.

As an owner-operator led concern, our focus remains on the long-term development of the company. We stand by our values to generate the value of the enterprise for the next generation.

Company principles and Action Guidelines

The following company principles compliment our Mission Statement in the form of action recommendations in detail.

1.) Internal and External Guidelines of our actions

It is our company philosophy to win orders in fair competition and to encourage fair competition amongst our suppliers.
We endeavour to be fair in our dealings with our clients, suppliers, employees and market participators.
A constituent part of our organisation is based on the philosophy to act in accordance with the following principles:

  • Every manager must set an example by following and applying the internal directions and organisational principles.
  • Short decision paths and acceptance of personal responsibility signify the organisation’s principles and the implementation of individual projects.
  • Corruption is rejected. Attaching contracts to illegal advantages is prohibited. Any gifts exchanged are only permitted when they are commensurate with courtesy and of little material value or represent a symbolic gesture.
  • Price fixing, market restrictions and other anti-competitive actions are rejected – in this context networks, partnerships and co-operatives always have to be set up in a way to enhance value to the client.
  • Passing on information about the firm and its employees, clients and suppliers is prohibited. This confidentiality is also expressly to be respected by family members even after the end of the working relationship.
  • Every employee in breach of the law, the company principles or of company regulations, must expect to be met by disciplinary and legal consequences.


1) Advances through Innovation and Flexibility

PASS Medientechnik offers individually tailored, custom solutions to clients for their frequently complex requirements, made up of a combination of experience and innovative products. The high degree of flexibility and organisation of the employees, ensures the successful completion of projects of all sizes. We invest continually in research and development of our products. The prompt internal and external processing of individual client requirements in all respects and the transparency of the process ensures the satisfaction of clients, employees and partners.

2) Employee retention and development

Knowledge and experience as well as ability and application of our employees are the cornerstones of our on-going business success. For this reason we encourage the long-term engagement of our employees. Our management team are equally available to address the personal needs of our employees, as for their professional advancement.. By means of this support our employees can benefit in their experience and the mutual furtherance of themselves and our organisation. At the same time as this, we expect their enthusiastic application to their assigned tasks. To further encourage employee loyalty there is an overriding culture of communication and transparent evaluation of communal issues within the organisation.

3) Client delight instead of mere satisfaction

At the core of business activity is the high “value added” for the client. We continually develop and refine our products by pursuing technically demanding solutions, while simultaneously maintaining optimum cost control to achieve greater client benefit, To pursue our goal of client delight we deliberately follow individualistic routes to differentiate our performance from our competition.

4) Success and growth are the foundation of product development!

Our management team carry the responsibility of their field of activity. Central to their actions is a sustainable client and employee relationship furthering the continual improvement of internal processes and profitability. It is not merely the improvement of their own area of activity, but their involvement in shared goals and performance parameters, which are mirrored in the success of each individual.

5) Successful together

Transparency of process and co-operation across individual areas of responsibility are two sides of the same coin. Give and take must be in harmony. Co-operation does not however exclude opposition and constructive criticism, but actually encourages it. In order to avoid repeating mistakes and learn from our experiences, we utilise our culture of analysis to pursue continual improvement.

6) Considerate handling of resources and practiced safety at work

Continual success is only achieved if the available resources are utilised carefully and economically. Every worker is responsible for the resources at his disposal, always to care for his safety and wellbeing and actively ensure that of others. In this way we further the safety, health and environment consciousness of our workers as best we can. Measures to improve safety at work are implemented immediately and their efficacy observed and encouraged. Each worker is responsible for the implementation of safety and environmental consideration in his sphere of work including the instruction of new colleagues or the conserving of energy when considering new technical investments.

7) Protection of Intellectual Property and Data Protection

Information, documents and systems relevant to the organisation, its clients, employees and partners will be treated so that the integrity of the information and security of the data will be treated as securely as possible and only made available, and restricted to, authorised persons. Developments and processes will be regularly tested by internal audits for relevance, clarity and application.

8) Adherence to human rights and furthering diversity

Compliance and adherence to human rights legislation is incorporated in every sector of our business activity. PASS Medientechnik rejects any kind of slave or child labour.

It is a goal of PASS Medientechnik to encourage the support of integration and to avoid discrimination because of race, skin colour, origin, sex, sexual orientation, religion, illness, handicap or other reasons.