Sound power selection guide

Basics of the sound level

The colloquial sound level in relation to loudspeakers means the sound pressure level (SPL) as a sound field quantity.

The sound pressure level is expressed in the logarithmic unit decibel (dB). Therefore, doubling the sound pressure means increasing the sound pressure level by 6 dB. In contrast, a doubling of the volume perceived by humans means an increase in the volume level by 10 dB.

Therefore, doubling the loudspeakers also means an increase of 6dB.*

When the distance from the loudspeaker is doubled, the sound pressure level decreases by 6 dB.**

At long distances, there is an additional frequency-dependent air damping (dissipation), which means that high frequencies are damped more at greater distances.

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Measurement methods for sound level data on the website

SPL max:

Effective sound pressure level of an 85 ms sine burst in the loudest 1/12 octave band,
at a maximum of 20 % THD.


Peak sound pressure level of the highest occurring peak during white noise reproduction.

* With coherent coupling of the sources and equal amplifier power per speaker.

** Reciprocal distance law 1/r, In the far field of a loudspeaker