VocCom – Mobile and stationary high-performance loudspeakers

VocCom information systems are characterised by excellent speech intelligibility and superior performance.

VocCom-Audio modular high performance loudspeakers, Acoustic Hailing Devices ( AHD ), Long Range Acoustic Devices, information systems and effect devices for mobile tactical operations.

The innovative electronic and acoustic concept offers the user from the security and defence sector the highest possible impact on people from a safe distance.

→ VOCcom systems offer a variable equipment concept.
 From a megaphone to backpack speakers and mobile systems to vehicle-based or even permanently installed systems, VocCom offers everything from a single source.
 The mobility characteristics allow specific equipment for current as well as future mission profiles.

→ VOCcom system modules can be individually adapted to the deployment scenarios of the military and security needs.

→ VOCcom manufactures system recording microphones, control units (MP-900) and various performance-differentiating
 amplifier units and loudspeaker systems with long ranges and different dispersion characteristics are available.

→ VOCcom offers globally unique innovations such as the integrable protocol recorder PR-900.
 By means of automatic logging of the audio signals, the radiated levels and GPS/Glonass-based positioning, this is possible for the first time.

→ VOCcom has a practical accessory programme with extensive fastening and support systems for land, air and sea vehicles..
 Ready to use in a flash to immediately address people directly over long distances.