Technical, conflict management, speech and communication training for emergencies.

To be able to respond correctly and appropriately to events, emergencies and crises requires regular training.

To deal with emergency crises and their integrated multi agency management, it is important to practice with realistic simulations,
not only for the emergency services themselves, but with the support teams including all those in the administration and management teams.
When dealing with the simulated crisis the ability of the individuals to routinely deal with the equipment will be shown
and demonstrate any weaknesses, thereby highlighting shortcomings to be addressed.

Our program:
We train and familiarise you and your colleagues with the basic principles of acoustics,
the handling and operation of our equipment and practise (in house) training courses including practical simulations.

→ Training courses and practical exercises for the frontline responders and crisis management teams.
→ Technical Support Centre to train first responders and their communication support teams
→ Technical support and service