Rheinmetall Survivor R with Long Range Acoustic Device AHD M-215X

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer/Supplier)

Our strategic partnerships, many years of experience in the security and defence industry combined with our advanced technology are major constituent factors in realising your ideal solutions. Our solution providing design orientation and implementation, facilitates the creation of products which solve the problems our clients are faced with.
As OEM suppliers we act as “problem solvers” and system integrators. We see our role as fulfilling the acoustic and electronic requirements of our clients through the advanced technology and experience we can offer.

Using our capabilities, our clients are able to integrate advanced sound systems into their land, sea or air based applications. For those clients requiring high efficiency transducers to be integrated into armoured wheel or tracked vehicles, we have our highly experienced R&D team with extensive experience in developing integration solutions for today’s “high tech” vehicles.

To serve our client base, our extensive design resources begin with product concept and from there through hardware development, layout design and prototype provision through to actual series production with all the necessary qualifications.

At the heart of our team are highly qualified and experienced product specialists with many years of experience in acoustics and electronics as well as an ISO-9001 certified process that meets the specific requirements of the defence sector.

Technological competencies and high quality standards at competitive prices, while maintaining overall flexibility, are the mainstay of our team.