ML-577R “Close-Talk” Microphone

A “Close-Talk” dynamic hand held microphone for Ad-Hoc-Recording (MP-900 and RC-7) ideally suited to speech and paging applications, having been designed specifically for communication systems – mobile and fixed – including military, Police, Fire and Emergency services, supply, logistics, trade and industrial applications.

In high background noise environments, the system has been designed specifically to take into consideration the frequency range to optimise speech communication, directional characteristics to minimise background noise influence through “Close-Talk-Design” incorporating a Shure directional microphone capsule, all in a heavy duty ARMO-DUR® housing with a dual pole single throw PTT switch designed for constant use. Includes support fixing. The frequency response is designed for voice communication, Shure directional microphone element, minimal background noise by “close-talk design”, rugged Aluminium housing, double pole, single throw PTT button with changeover for PTT recording and play function.

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Model: ML-577R “Close-Talk” Microphone
Version: Heavy duty handheld microphone with PTT
Frequency range: ± 3 dB 100 Hz bis 5 kHz
Connector type: XLR or Lemo
Impedance: 150 Ohm
Output: - 66 dBV/Pa (0,5 mV)
Surface Treatment: powder coat
Housing material: ARMO-DUR®
Weight: 374 g
Temperature range: - 30° C bis + 70° C (non condensing)