Highpower loudspeaker AHD M-115 on vessel

Loudspeaker for Maritime Safety

Security of vulnerable maritime infrastructure such as ships, oil and gas exploration platforms, offshore wind farms etc is becoming ever more important in a world beset by threats of terrorism and piracy.

PASS Medientechnik offers a variety of solutions within its VocCom range of products for all such threats. Clear and intelligible communication over long distances over water is essential when faced with such threats because it is absolutely essential to act appropriately in order to gain as much time as possible before any danger is allowed to escalate.

The range of relevant VocCom systems extends to systems able to broadcast up to 4000m .

Our technical applications team will be happy to consult with you to find an optimum solution for your particular application, ranging from levels of seawater protection (IP rating) to sound output (dB SPL)


Typical applications :

Ocean liners, offshore wind farms, all ships including tankers, freighters, container ships, factory fishing boats, luxury yachts and of course coastguard vessels as well as marine protection vessels and naval ships.

If your application scenario requires the movement of the speaker or the combination with cameras, the M-115 and M-215 series can be integrated into Silent Sentinel’s Jaegar PTZ platform.

M-115X Silent Sentinel Jaeger

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