backpack loudspeaker with fireman

Loudspeaker for Fire Services

Our product portfolio offers a wide range of acoustic command and control equipment for firefighters.

We can provide fire brigades with a wide range of effective solutions, from portable megaphones and backpack loudspeakers to systems for emergency vehicles and special systems such as drone loudspeakers.

The products are characterised in particular by their special design for emergency forces. This includes a robust design with IP protection classes from IP44 to IP67 as well as easy operability even under adverse conditions. During development, for example, special attention was paid to ensuring that the important operating elements can be operated with gloves or that accessories can be quickly assigned by means of colour coding.

Safety features such as the limitation of the initial volume by the AP-Lock system or optional logging of the announcements with time, place and volume information contribute to successful use.

We will be happy to advise you on acoustic communication equipment for coping with a situation. In particular, the precise integration of loudspeakers and electronics in emergency vehicles or transportable units is our speciality due to our own development and production.

Announcement systems for warning the population and informing your own emergency forces through our stationary and mobile high-performance loudspeakers are the areas of application.

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