Loudspeaker for Emergency Management and Disaster Control

Digital technology and social media have fundamentally changed public access to news – pictures are almost instantly available in a way impossible even to imagine a few years ago…… but….. when disaster does strike, not everyone is in front of their smartphone. Public safety authorities have responsibilities also to those who are not “connected”, and broadcasting loud, clearly intelligible warnings and instructions what to do next, are still by far the best way to alert the greatest number of people within earshot.

Warnings are only effective when heard clearly and understood by everyone. There can be no debate about “risk assessment” , with individuals making their own decisions not based on the fullest information available. The traditional siren warning is effective at alerting people, but cannot convey any detailed information or instructions – although sirens would have been useful, clear and intelligible information about the extent of imminent danger from the approaching tsunami and advice to find higher ground inland would have saved many lives in recent disasters.

Even though we live in times of instant news access by means of social media, there are a majority of the population that has either not been listening or are unaware of the gravity of the situation. These people are unaware of the degree of danger they may be in and may be making decisions based on out-of-date information, in a fast-evolving situation.

Any warning that reaches virtually everyone with clarity and intelligible messages, gives everyone the same opportunity to take evasive action and will save lives.

The VocCom CDL-136 sound system attached to a drone can even reach some of those hard to reach isolated places that would otherwise be isolated and out of reach of help.

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