Effective range of our products

Effective Range Loudspeakers
The data of effective range of our sound systems is divided into 3 sectors.

Transmission of sound resulting in over 125 dB for the listener.
Above 125 dB approaches the threshold of pain where danger to health begins.

Transmission of sound resulting in over 95 dB for the listener (defined by research resulting from field trials with many clients).
These values assume a background residual noise level of approx. 89 dB. For adequate intelligibility the signal transmission
must be at least 6 dB above the residual noise level – this means 95 dB.

The green sector designates the maximum achievable distance under favourable environmental conditions.
At 85 dB speech is still acceptably understandable in a calm environment.

These values are based on practical, empirical values and not purely mathematical calculations.