High-performance directional loudspeaker (Acoustic Hailing Device) for use on vehicles or in fixed installations

The product range of VocCom Audio loudspeaker systems is divided into the M, MH and HS series.

The most powerful series of the high-performance M systems is based on the revolutionary and patented M4 sound guide. This is combined in various combinations and with different acoustic drivers to create powerful acoustic hailing devices for use on land and sea vehicles.

This results in M-Series Acoustic Hailing Device for different requirements in terms of sound pressure level, dispersion, size and weight.

The new MH Series is based on an ultra-compact acoustic unit, resulting in very light and flat systems or line array speakers for difficult acoustic conditions manly in fixed installations.

The HS Series offers a proven universal acoustic design of horn loudspeakers with a good price/performance ratio.

The systems are available in different versions with DC or AC power supply as well as with line-in, system remote control or IP audio/control (RTP/Dante/Sip) to fit in all fixed or vehicle installations.

Acoustic Hailing Device with integrated electronics (Activ)

Acoustic Hailing Device

for external electronics (Passiv)

SPL peak: Peak sound pressure level of the highest occurring peak during white noise playback
Directivity: Beam angle for -6dB, 2 kHz
Distance: Practically usable distance, SPL> 85db, air attenuation taken into account