Certifications of PASS Medientechnik GmbH


PASS Medientechnik is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 by ZERTPUNKT Gesellschaft zur Zertifizierung von Managementsystemen mbH and uses a quality management system adapted to the special needs of a development and manufacturing company.

Certification and Standards compliance of our communication range of products.
Internationally recognised Testing standards of our products.

Daily use of our products in their fields of application are anything but mundane.
In strict accordance with MIL-STD-810G rating, the majority of our products are independently tested
by a certified and independent Testing laboratory for reliability and durability to EN/IEC 60529:2014.

Our systems are tested to the following standards:
→ EN/IEC 60529:2014 for drop / shock testing
→ EN/IEC 60529:2014 for wind and rain, as well as dust ingress resistance
→ Protection test EN/IEC 60529:2014 IP6x (dust ingress)
→ Protection test EN/TEC 60529:2014 IP5x (water ingress)
→ EN/IEC 60529:2014 for vibration / shock and impact resistance
→ Vibration testing to EN 60945 (resonant frequencies)
→ EN/IEC 60529:2014 for resistance to temperature extremes
→ EN/IEC 60529:2014 for salt spray corrosion and spray resistance
→ Electromagnetic compatibility to CE

For the use of our systems outside Europe there will be MIL-STD-810  certificates available

These tests establish our product’s resilience to inclement climate conditions as well as vibration, shock, extreme dirt contamination.
Our product development takes these different aspects into consideration at every stage so we can calculate important threshold values and other information relating to the anticipated long-term reliability of the system. Such values help us optimise product solutions across the various requirements for the individual operating sectors. The EN/IEC 60529:2014 test procedures and the value attained for each model are documented in the relevant data sheets.