Drone loudspeaker speaker CDL-136 DJI Matrice 600 Pro

Droneloudspeaker VocCom CDL-136

The CDL-136 speaker system is ultra lightweight and specifically designed for drones with a load capacity of 3 kg. The system comprises a base station, transmit and receive modules, changeable batterie and speaker. It is operable both via LTE link and digital or analog audio transmission. The audio transmission could be performed with an analog wireless microphone system from the Sennheiser evolution range or a 2.4 GHz zigbee link.

CDL systems can be employed in any terrain. The entire system weighs only 2.9 kg – including amplifier and batteries. This system stands out because of the exceptional speech intelligibility, even at distances of 100 to 500 meters. The extensive range of accessories offers an incomparable and flexible range of applications.

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Audiobeam Angle 35° vertical × 60° horizontal